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What is a recommendation?

A recommendation is the suggestion of a resource or resources that you may find interesting and useful. These suggestions are based on the ratings you have given to other resources. If you have not rated any resources, the system will not be able to provide any recommendations.

You must be logged in in order to receive recommendations. To access them, go to the Recommend Resources page.

Why don't I get any recommendations?

In order for the portal to provide recommendations, you need to rate some resources first (roughly three to five, depending on the number of ratings that the resource record has from other users). Once you rate these resources, the portal will provide you with recommendations.

How can I make the recommendations feature work better for me?

To maximize the usefulness of these recommendations, you should rate all the resources you use in a thoughtful manner. Random ratings will skew recommendations and diminish usefulness. The more resources you rate, the more tailored to your needs the recommendations will become.

Why can't I see any recommendations?

In order to see your preferences and recommendations, you need to log in to the portal using your username and password and have rated some resources.

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