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What are folders?

Folders are customizable "packages" of individual resources that allow you to create personalized collections of resources from within the portal for your own purposes. Folders can be named, described, and shared with others. They can be used to create modules or lessons, annotated bibliographies, or just lists of interesting resources for you or your colleagues to browse.

How do I create a folder?

You must be logged in to the portal to use folders. If folders are in use by the collection owner, all users will have a default box on the right side of each page with the label Main Folder. Next to that label is a Manage button. This will take you to the Manage Folders page, where you can add, delete, configure, and share your folders.

How do I add resources to a folder?

To add a resource to your current folder, click the Folder button from the search results, or the Add to Folder button from the full record page, to the right of the resource title.

You can only add resources to the designated current folder. To change the current folder, go to the Manage Folders page and click the Make Current button next the folder to which you wish to add resources.

How do I tell which folder is the current folder?

The current folder appears in the folders box on the right side of your page. When you are on the Manage Folders page, the current folder is marked with an asterisk.

How can I configure a folder?

Folders can be configured in a number of ways. You can give each folder a name, a description, and even make notes on or reorder resources within a folder. To configure a folder, go to the Manage Folders page and locate the folder you wish to update. Click that folder name, then click the Configure button. This will provide a box into which you can enter a title and description, or choose to make a folder public.

How do I make notes on resources in a folder?

To create, edit, or delete notes, go to the Manage Folders page and then click the name of the folder which contains the resources for which you want to create a note. This is the Folder page. Under the title of the resource, click the Add Note button and type your text in the box provided. Click the Change Resource Note button to save. To edit this note, revisit the folder page and click the Edit Note. To remove a note, delete the text and click the Change Resource Note button.

How do I reorder resources in a folder or move resources to another folder?

To change the display order of resources in a folder, go to the Manage Folders page. Once there, you can click and drag the resources to their desired locations, including into other folders.

How do I remove resources from a folder?

Go to the Manage Folders page and then click the name of the folder from which you want to remove resources. Locate the unwanted resource and click the Remove button.

How do I delete a folder?

Go to the Manage Folders page, locate the unwanted folder, and click the Delete button.

How do I share a folder?

Folders of resources, including any notes or descriptions you have entered, can be shared with others by going to the Manage Folders page, and then checking the Make Public box next to the folder you wish to make public. When you make a folder public, you will notice a URL below the folder title when you click the name of that folder. This URL can be sent to anyone with whom you wish to share your folder and its contents. The recipients do not need to be users of the portal, or log in to use your folder (though they might want to in order to create their own folders!)

Are my shared folders listed somewhere on the site or in the collection?

No. Your shared folders are only accessible to you and to those who know the URL for them.

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